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About Kelsey

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Ia��m so glad you stopped by!

So, leta��s just get straight down to it. Ia��m a Jesus loving, yoga pants wearing, coffee drinking, pizza eating, paper goods fanatic, decorating (and re-decorating) addict, photo obsessed, devoted wife and delighted mama.

Of course, I love photography. Ita��s my job! Although I truly learned to appreciate it once I had my son. It went from a�?ita��s nice to have photosa�? to a�? I need to have photosa�?. When Ia��m taking your photo, you become like family to me. I know that these are moments that are fleeting and it is not only my job but my joy to capture them in the way that YOU remember them. Perfectly imperfect, real, genuine and authentic.

I must warn you, if I get the pleasure of capturing your sweet story, we will most likely laugh a ton and probably become friends. It is just a hazard of the job 😉

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